Harry Potter, Master of Hogwarts

Harry is forced to juggle his upcoming inheritance of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the war against Voldemort, all whilst being the head of a large harem of witches.

Kink (Canon Characters)

At ten years old, Harry discovers the world of sex, and he’s good at it. As he grows up, he realise every woman he has met has some sort of kink. For his aunt, she’s into incest. As he screws his way through Hogwarts, he discovers the kinks, turn-ons and fetishes of almost every witch he encounters.

The Lucifer Effect

When Voldemort completely breaks Harry’s mind in fifth year, he struggles to see the point of the ‘Greater Good’, when everybody is just as greedy and selfish as each other. In this broken state, the Horcrux in Harry’s head manipulates him onto a darker path of rape and murder, and self pleasjure at all costs.

After all, if everybody else only cares about themselves, why should he care about others?

Featuring a very OOC Harry, and later Hermione.