Broken Angel

What happens when you anger a God? What happens when something once pure, turns wicked and angry? What is left of someone who has been alone so long? How do you ask forgiveness for being so wrong? How do you apologize for breaking someone’s heart? This is the story of Slytherin House’s Angel of Carnage. FemHarry/Naruto Yuri, wrong GWL, God-like, lots of bashing, lot’s of gore.

Third Time’s the Charm

Post-Canon. Tori Vega is celebrating the release of her debut album from Neutronium Record with her frenemy Jade West, but not all is happy for the singer when she should be on top of the world. Can an unexpected encounter with the guy that slipped through her fingers twice bring her some true happiness?

My Daughter: Power Girl

1st installment in a potential series. Two-shot. MoD!Harry Potter adopted Kara Zor-L via blood-adoption ritual. As his biological daughter, he watched her grow to become a beautiful young woman. But after revealing herself to the world as Power Girl, Harry lusts after his own daughter – his LESBIAN daughter. Though, for once, it seems as if fortune is on Harry’s side.

Good Lord Potter

In reality, good always defeats evilOf course the good and famous Harry Potter would overcome the hellish world of a song of ice and fire/Game of Thrones.The innate goodness of Harry Potter is without question and would prevail over all harsh tribulations. This fanfic shows the foils of people who believe good versus evil can’t exist in GRRM’s world. Please read to the end and review my story.

The Psionicist

Adam Steele is a Psionicist, a man who discovers his unique abilities allow him to jump right into TV shows and change the storylines to his own benefit, controlling the characters, to create his own story. And then go even further.

Adam’s tale will take him into several universes, visiting Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Stargate SG-1, Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The X-Men, The X-Files, Modern Family, Firefly.