Give it another shot

Then Max realized that maybe there was another way. A way to fix all this destruction and chaos. And she promised herself to take that chance, whatever the cost. Because she knew, after all that happened, she would do anything for Chloe Price. She focused on the photograph and its borders began to shake a little. And then, she went back through it for the last time…

Sapphic Curiosities

Alternate 5th year. Hermione Starts a business that strives on every girl’s sapphic curiosity. Adapting the alias “The Mistress” she lures girls in by word of mouth, have them send a letter of interest to “The Mistress” along with their measurements and the outfit they wish to have. Then when they’re with her in the never used classroom in a back corridor on the 6th floor she uses a lust potion to help them along and when they’re done she collects her price. She remains anonymous by a contract that lets her clients speak about “The Mistress” but not of her identity or anything that may give her away.

Fresh Meat for Those Buns

When Laura, a tried and frustrated Wendy’s employee, mentioned on twitter how she likes Hardee’s more, she didn’t expect to receive a response from the official Wendy’s account, or for the flurry of pictures that follow of Wendy fucking Laura’s long-time girlfriend, but Wendy doesn’t just want to steal Laura’s girl; she wants to give her an acquired taste for Wendy’s fresh, never-frozen meat.