dancing in the dark

[3:40] Scream Queen: any of you awake??

[3:41] Survivor Girl: yes? What’s up

[3:42] Bi-curious: i haven’t slept in a year. so yes

[3:43] Scream Queen: well i’m at the park on 5th and i have a handle of blue label whiskey

[3:43] Scream Queen: lucky for u i feel like sharing

In which Emma is a vegetarian, Brooke hates winter, and Audrey punches her therapist, and they all heal together. Canon-divergent after s2e12.

Escorting Rich Clientele

Barbara is a young slightly chubby futanari down on her luck that has resorted to prostitution to pay the bills. One of her more frequent clients has just scheduled another appointment with her, which she has accepted against her better judgement. It isn't the fact her client is clearly looking for more in their relationship that bothers her. It is that she is afraid she may feel the same.

Broken Angel

What happens when you anger a God? What happens when something once pure, turns wicked and angry? What is left of someone who has been alone so long? How do you ask forgiveness for being so wrong? How do you apologize for breaking someone’s heart? This is the story of Slytherin House’s Angel of Carnage. FemHarry/Naruto Yuri, wrong GWL, God-like, lots of bashing, lot’s of gore.

Strangers On A Plane

Emma and Regina are both leaving New York on Christmas morning to fly home to Seattle. Emma, leaving her past behind to start anew and Regina, leaving her family for some peace and quiet. By chance, they are seated in the same row and strike up a conversation that only strangers might be comfortable with. Story is mine but the characters are not. Swanqueen AU. Likely a One-shot.

Ass-kicking is a good aphrodisiac

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” Audrey muttered, head pressing against the lockers, “We should not be doing this.”
Brooke barely registered her words, too focused on the task at hand; unhooking Audrey’s bra without pulling her own lips and teeth away from Audrey’s neck. Why Audrey was arguing against surprise makeout session, Brooke didn’t know, but when Audrey was already shirtless from changing out of her gym clothes it was just such a time saver.