Broken Besaid Bitches

Rikku has to put a stop to this! When she catches Lulu using mind control to turn Yuna her mindless sex slave, the plucky little Al Bhed rushes to her cousin's rescue! Unfortunately, she's no match for Lulu, and it isn't long before she falls prey as well. Now the pair of Yuna and Rikku are both her thralls with a simple-minded vision: service their mistress' cock with desperate loyalty.

Stoppable Takes Control

Ron goes from good to evil to good again thanks to that Hench Co. device. But in the end, the transfer back to good doesn’t quite… take. Ron is no longer pure evil, and he’s certainly not ‘take over the world’ evil. But he does have a thing for control, and he’s a teenage boy with a libido to match.