Strangers On A Plane

Emma and Regina are both leaving New York on Christmas morning to fly home to Seattle. Emma, leaving her past behind to start anew and Regina, leaving her family for some peace and quiet. By chance, they are seated in the same row and strike up a conversation that only strangers might be comfortable with. Story is mine but the characters are not. Swanqueen AU. Likely a One-shot.

Ass-kicking is a good aphrodisiac

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” Audrey muttered, head pressing against the lockers, “We should not be doing this.”
Brooke barely registered her words, too focused on the task at hand; unhooking Audrey’s bra without pulling her own lips and teeth away from Audrey’s neck. Why Audrey was arguing against surprise makeout session, Brooke didn’t know, but when Audrey was already shirtless from changing out of her gym clothes it was just such a time saver.

a little bit of your attention

“Were you and Audrey ever, like, a thing?”

Emma’s eyebrows hit her hairline, mouth falling open a little in surprise, and Brooke, well – it’s not really the first time she’s thought about this, either. She’s always thought Emma was gorgeous, and then after Audrey’s video had come out – and Brooke had watched it again, and then again, and then again – she’d developed kind of a hyper-fixation on Emma’s mouth, because she’s always got the best curves to her smiles, even her frowns – and her lips look really soft, and –

“I think, maybe, she had a crush on me for a while, or something like that. But she never did anything about it,”

“What would have done if she had?” Brooke asks, and her eyes are drawn to the movement of Emma’s fingers curling in the covers over her lap, clenching in the flower-print of the duvet.

“I don’t know,” Emma breathes when Brooke meets her eyes again, and there’s a shallowness, like she doesn’t have enough air behind it.

“What would you do if I did?”

The Idol of Mizek Kai

After years of shunning her late father over his beliefs about the supernatural, Lara Croft’s adventures on Yamatai have shown her just how wrong she was. Desperate to make amends and to restore his good name Lara follows in his footsteps to seek out magical artifacts to show the world her father was right all along.

She has set her sights on the Idol of Mizek Kai, a mysterious relic from a long forgotten kingdom. But she is not alone in pursuit of the Idol and must race against time to find it first. But what will happen when she does? What mysterious powers does the Idol possess?

As Lara writes to her father to help chronicle her adventure, she is about to find out…

Seeing Red

Emma Swan had a craving.

No, she didn’t thirst for dark magic or want to steal everyone’s happiness—her Dark One days were over once Merlin was reunited with his beloved, the sword and the dagger joined together once more releasing Emma from her cursed darkness.

But she still had a yearning. A need that manifested as greed and power took over her all those months, but this was for something much simpler than ultimate power. Emma, former Dark One and once again Sheriff and Saviour had a craving for ice cream.

Specifically Ben and Jerry’s Rocky Road-ish ice cream.

A Knock that Changed Christmas

Christmas had never been a season Emma had enjoyed, she’d always felt that lonely hurtful tug in her heart whenever she saw families together on that festive day. She’d only wished she wasn’t alone. She’d thought she’d gotten over the melancholy of this holiday. But as she settled herself on her empty couch in her empty house, bringing her knees to her chest and hugging them tightly and wishing she was elsewhere, she hears a knock at her door. A knock that Emma never knew she needed or ever realized would mean so much. A knock that changed Christmas in her eyes forever.

Third Time’s the Charm

Post-Canon. Tori Vega is celebrating the release of her debut album from Neutronium Record with her frenemy Jade West, but not all is happy for the singer when she should be on top of the world. Can an unexpected encounter with the guy that slipped through her fingers twice bring her some true happiness?