Not many rules right now. You should be smart enough to know the basics.

  • Try not to be a dick.
  • Don't Spam. Do it once, you're banned. So tread lightly when it comes to excessive links.
  • 10MB upload limit, but if you want bigger file sizes, paint a word picture, or outsource the pictures. I recommend The Gallery or flickr. Create your own profile and embed them over here. Probably more reliable than photobucket, I imagine.
  • Try to use full sentences; avoid txtspk (text speak) and emoji abuse. Not a real rule, it just annoys me, so don't expect help if I can't read what you're saying, or anyone else.
  • Snitches get ... anonymity. Report them, and they'll be banned, with no way to contact you.
  • Try not to share personal information.
  • Try to post whatever in the specific category closest to that topic. If you're not sure, post in the most relevant place, and if it doesn't fit, it will be moved elsewhere. If it doesn't fit anywhere at all, send me a message, or a moderator. Try not to abuse either of these options.
  • You can advertise on your signature, but please keep it limited. Up to three links, if you can. You are responsible for where the links go. Nothing like, please. Same goes for forum posts, but the number of links aren't restricted.
  • Don't post stories here. I mean, you can, but do you really want to? Why not do that here? It goes without saying that you shouldn't steal stories. To suggest a story be added to this site, try here.

I want to create a friendly community. Can't do that when we're breaking each other down. Let's try to build each other up, shall we?

Thank you for reading, and I hope you take note of these words. It might be your only warning. Post below if you need clarification.