Life is Strange - Before the Storm - Thoughts?


Firstly, you can do spoilers if you like. It's my fault for opening this up, so I am my own victim.

I've played up to the Tabletop adventure, my fav part of the game so far, and I don't even play those.

Everyone is an asshole, and I'll clarify further upon that one day, when I'm done with at least the first episode. It just seems like I sympathise more with Chloe, though I was warned during my livestream that Chloe is an asshole for no apparent reason, and yet reasons kept being thrown at me, left and right.

I am thoroughly surprised at the size of the episodes, however. More than I expected, but I guess since it's the same price as Max's episodes ($5.00) that makes sense. I kind of want to start over again, and be completely sympathetic to everyone, just so I can see how much less pissed off Chloe can be by the very end. David, another version of Warren (Eliot), so many new characters and old characters beginning to evolve into what they will become.

Also, Blackwell High-archy. Boy, did Dontnod get confused about that whole thing. A One-year only (Seniors) school that everyone (cept Max) has been to multiple years. French videogames about American Schools.

I can't make an opinion yet on the whole thing, but I was very opinionated at the announcement of this. (be sure to check the comments as well.)

But what do you guys think? To those who have played at least the first episode, so far? What did you think of the second episode?


So, I took a day to myself to play the entire 'season', all three episodes. A story may or may not come out of that, but absolutely no promises. Maybe an opinion piece, or a podcast episode? IDK.

But considering the lack of any reaction to my story, it seems that I'm not all that good at writing Life is Strange stories anyway.

Yes, I'm being a salty little bitch. You could say I'm being 'Chloe'-level angsty.

I loved it. But I'm deeply perplexed by it. It was... absolutely confusing, the narrative and story, but the moments were sweet. A lot of sweet moments.