Announcement of totally separate, tag-along, user-friendly archive.


I honestly think my Patrons are getting tired of me posting about the weird shit I do with my website, poking and prodding instead of writing. So I'll post it here, and on my blog. is this website, of course, but what you haven't heard about is

Yep, it's getting confusing.

I'm trying to get a User-submitted fanfic archive going, so I can maintain my website easier. This is the easiest to do that without a full staff to code for me. I really wish I could just take, or build a custom one, but this is the best I can do for now.

I've been uploading most of my stories on there, seeing how it works, and others are welcome to do so. It's meant to be for a very small community, as far as I can see. But I'm testing limits, here.

Try not to post stories that aren't your own, unless they are nowhere else on the internet, like my Lost Archive (though I do recommend that you submit them here as well).