Welcome to the RFN


Yet again, is under construction. It's still online, and it's going along faster than I suspected.

As we enter 2018, we enter the eleventh year of writing, and the tenth year of my silly little fanfic site. I'm proud of what I've built over the years, and I like the way it has evolved. It started all the way over at, a free website builder with an absolutely terrible host. Back then, I had to build individual html pages, and it - constantly - broke on me. And since I discovered the magic of css scripts, doubly so.

Starting over again, I'm incorporating wordpress into the style format rather than building each page by scratch. It's very helpful when it comes to clutter and such. Also, It finally solves the problem of never having a search function. The format could use a little tweaking, but overall, I like it.

All of my stories are migrating to, but I'll be keeping the 'main' site. From there, it expands into 4 subsites: The Archive (RFA), The Image Gallery (RFG), The Personal Blog (RFB), and The Story Collection (RFC), the previously mentioned place where I'm putting all my stories. All can be joined, and anyone can add their own stories in the RFC, join the forums at the RFA, or add your own image gallery in the RFG with up to 500 MB of space (any Patrons who sign up can ask for a lot more of course). I call this entire conglomeration "Rihaan's Fanfiction Network" or the RFN, because branding makes everything seem professional, rather than the reality of a giant f'ing mess. At least it's a nicely color-coded mess.

With everything self-maintenanced, It's possible that I have more time for writing. So there's that.

Thank you all for your support. I couldn't have done it without your help. Through Patreon, positive reviews, helpful comments and criticism. Really, any interaction at all reminds me that doing this for ten years wasn't just me reading my own fanfics alone.

And that's what the RFA is for - keeping the world of quality fanfiction alive. From the ones that might get published one day, to the ones that never even got a review. Now that I have a platform where I used to break my bandwidth limit on a regular basis, I want to share the love and celebrate great stories.

Have a Happy New Year, everyone. Here's to a better 2018, and the hope that my site isn't put behind a Comcast Paywall or some bullshit. (#RIPInternet)