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The Lusting

Now a threesome, Ron, Kim and Shego travel to Japan to visit Yamanuchi ninja school but they are going to get a surprise that has nothing to do with ninjas but everything to do with vengeful spirits.

She’s a Lady

Emma volunteers at an animal shelter and bonds quickly with a new dog that was recently brought in. Little does she know, the missing dog belongs to her celebrity supermodel crush, Regina Mills.

Ron Meets World

Ron Stoppable got himself stuck in a girls-only dorm room for the Middleton Academy. Living in the dorm room are Kim Possible, Bonnie Rockwaller, Tara King, Yori Yamanouchi, and Shego Go is their hot Physical Education teacher.

So Shego’s Drama

Shego’s gotten old and retired, but Drakken has a new plan to “Take back their places in history”… What could it be?

The Blade & the Bloom

An ancient prophecy leaves Ron and KP facing some hard truths.Shego finds herself in a real sitch while some new faces and old stories come to light. Swords, guns, sex, violence and naked skydiving. What more do you want?