Take a Chance on Me

As Emma recovers at the mansion from an encounter with Storybooke’s latest threat, nightmares start to plague her from the trauma she suffered as a child. As Regina comforts her, the women grow ever closer. When Regina is attacked, Emma vows to do everything she can to protect the now terrified and vulnerable mayor.

Dominating Mayor Mills

“Do you want me to top you again, baby? Do you want me to pin you down and force you to endure the same treatment you were subjected to last night? Make you come all over my hand and scream my name into your pillow?”

Regina’s eyes closed as she was reminded of Emma’s hovering body. Images of Regina’s hips being pinned down, of her wrists being gripped, her nipples being pinched flooded her mind. She remembered how wet she became, how Emma had made her beg, plead to be touched. Regina couldn’t help the whimper that escaped her lips when she recalled just how well Emma had satisfied her need, a need which had been repressed for so fucking long. Now that she’d had a taste, she needed more. And so she nodded, desperate for Emma to touch her again.