Harry and Hermione’s Summer Fun

After an argument with the Dursley’s, Harry Potter is left with nowhere to go. A split second decision leaves him standing before his friend, Hermione Granger’s house. A bikini, a bit of nighttime swimming, and Harry’s lack of a bathing suit opens up a new relationship that the two could have never imagined. And with Hermione’s mother, Emma, joining in, Harry and Hermione are sure to learn a lot of new things.

For My Mother

James Potter died that Halloween night defending his wife and son, and Harry was raised by his mother and pseudo-uncles. Harry is growing increasingly more irritated that Snape’s sniffing around his lonely mother and trying to get into her good graces, and decides to take steps. That is, he’s going to remind his mother that she’s a Potter’s woman, and that as the man of the house, he’s going to take care of all her needs… right in front of the greasy bastard himself.