The Story of Dan Everett

An average guy received powers to warp reality to his will. So he does what any horny guy would do. Use it to have sex with celebrities. He travels Hollywood and uses his power to fuck and humiliated many celebrities like Emma Stone and Ariana Grande.

My Private Camwhore

A 16-year old boy finds his 12-year old sister showing her bra on a webcam chat site. He decides to anonymously blackmail her to scare her off that path, only to fall victim to his own lust as he realizes he can get her to do anything he wants on camera… and some off camera. As Andrew walks that path he finds himself torn between lust and guilt, and something he never expected… growing feelings of romantic love for his sister.

The Legend of Zelda: Sluts of the Wild

After freeing Divine Beast Vah Naboris from Ganon’s curse, Link returns to Gerudo City to claim his reward. But since his disguise isn’t nearly as good as he thought, a very different trial awaits him as every Gerudo seeks to mate with the Hylian Champion, eventually triggering some memories of his time with another Gerudo over 100 years earlier.