The Story of Dan Everett

An average guy received powers to warp reality to his will. So he does what any horny guy would do. Use it to have sex with celebrities. He travels Hollywood and uses his power to fuck and humiliated many celebrities like Emma Stone and Ariana Grande.

Harry Potter and the Black Magic

Harry and Hermione capture Peter and rescue Sirius in Prisoner of Azkaban, so Harry gets to live with Sirius. In the Black family library, he finds a peculiar book. It’s empty, except for page 69, which only contains a single spell. He decides to cast it, and his life changes forever.

A lot of smut, and a bit of plot. Harry/most hot female characters. Harem fic.

Also it’s not letting me add multiple characters or relationships. If anyone knows how to do that let me know.

A Filthy New World

When a strange girl at a bar asks you some strange questions, you don’t think you’re on your way down
an insane rabbit hole, but you awaken in a world almost exactly like your own, but where you have the
ability to freely use any woman you wish for without anyone seeing it as anything other than completely
normal, and where anyone will accept any word you say as a truth to be listened to. Which leaves you
only one in this world of casual free use: to become king.