Covering Your Escape

A bunch of meddling kids won’t be a problem for much longer, as you decide to cover your escape by nabbing the brains of their operation with the intent of leaving her too fucked out of her mind so that she can’t chase you or put together the clues. But what you weren’t expecting was for the nerdy detective to happen to have always dreamt of a bad guy kidnapping her to commit unspeakable acts.

Fresh Meat for Those Buns

When Laura, a tried and frustrated Wendy’s employee, mentioned on twitter how she likes Hardee’s more, she didn’t expect to receive a response from the official Wendy’s account, or for the flurry of pictures that follow of Wendy fucking Laura's long-time girlfriend, but Wendy doesn't just want to steal Laura’s girl; she wants to give her an acquired taste for Wendy’s fresh, never-frozen meat.

Some Well-Deserved Fun

With the war over, an eighteen year-old Harry returns to Hogwarts as the entire school is forced to repeat a year. With no Voldemort to worry about, Harry finds himself finally able to taste a year to relax, focus on his studies, and enjoy himself. Stealing Pansy Parkinson right out from under Draco Malfoy when a bet goes wrong is only the beginning, as an ambitious Daphne Greengrass has plans for Harry.