The Idol of Mizek Kai

After years of shunning her late father over his beliefs about the supernatural, Lara Croft’s adventures on Yamatai have shown her just how wrong she was. Desperate to make amends and to restore his good name Lara follows in his footsteps to seek out magical artifacts to show the world her father was right all along.

She has set her sights on the Idol of Mizek Kai, a mysterious relic from a long forgotten kingdom. But she is not alone in pursuit of the Idol and must race against time to find it first. But what will happen when she does? What mysterious powers does the Idol possess?

As Lara writes to her father to help chronicle her adventure, she is about to find out…

The Quinntessence

When Harley Quinn is given the power to manipulate reality on a whim, she decides to become responsible and mature and only uses it to help others. Just kidding! She actually uses it to capture Barbara, Cassandra, and Stephanie and make them her brand new pets. With Harley’s personality, such power is definitely going to be abused as much as her new friends are.

The Story of Dan Everett

An average guy received powers to warp reality to his will. So he does what any horny guy would do. Use it to have sex with celebrities. He travels Hollywood and uses his power to fuck and humiliated many celebrities like Emma Stone and Ariana Grande.

Harry Potter and the Panty Swap

After Ginny gets outlawed for raping Hermione, she has to hold on to her last remaining friend Harry, who is taking as much advantage of her situation as possible, until Hermione and Luna face a comparable fate.

While trying to build themselves a normal life at Hogwarts again, they have to fight the hatred under which they have to suffer and Harry’s growing obsession with humiliating them.