Strangers On A Plane

Emma and Regina are both leaving New York on Christmas morning to fly home to Seattle. Emma, leaving her past behind to start anew and Regina, leaving her family for some peace and quiet. By chance, they are seated in the same row and strike up a conversation that only strangers might be comfortable with. Story is mine but the characters are not. Swanqueen AU. Likely a One-shot.

Seeing Red

Emma Swan had a craving.

No, she didn’t thirst for dark magic or want to steal everyone’s happiness—her Dark One days were over once Merlin was reunited with his beloved, the sword and the dagger joined together once more releasing Emma from her cursed darkness.

But she still had a yearning. A need that manifested as greed and power took over her all those months, but this was for something much simpler than ultimate power. Emma, former Dark One and once again Sheriff and Saviour had a craving for ice cream.

Specifically Ben and Jerry’s Rocky Road-ish ice cream.

A Knock that Changed Christmas

Christmas had never been a season Emma had enjoyed, she’d always felt that lonely hurtful tug in her heart whenever she saw families together on that festive day. She’d only wished she wasn’t alone. She’d thought she’d gotten over the melancholy of this holiday. But as she settled herself on her empty couch in her empty house, bringing her knees to her chest and hugging them tightly and wishing she was elsewhere, she hears a knock at her door. A knock that Emma never knew she needed or ever realized would mean so much. A knock that changed Christmas in her eyes forever.

Crazy Changes

A chance encounter in a bar changes Emma Swan’s life forever. One of those changes is the arrival of Regina Mills in her small town. But there’s more to the newcomer than meets the eye and when Emma finds out the truth behind a family feud, she must re-evaluate everything she thought she knew. Slow burn SwanQueen.