Harry Potter and the Panty Swap

After Ginny gets outlawed for raping Hermione, she has to hold on to her last remaining friend Harry, who is taking as much advantage of her situation as possible, until Hermione and Luna face a comparable fate.

While trying to build themselves a normal life at Hogwarts again, they have to fight the hatred under which they have to suffer and Harry’s growing obsession with humiliating them.

The Spiders — Celebrity Fuck Slaves

Celebrities are coerced into sexual slavery for an international crime syndicate known as The Spiders. Very hardcore and humiliating sex awaits them.

The Royal Treatment

Valda was just a normal fisherman, happy to make his living on Lake Hylia. After being capsized in a storm and rescued by a Zora Princess, though, Valda’s day takes a strange turn. The Princess thinks he owes her some thanks, and she has some very specific measures in mind for him to show his gratitude. (A commission for VxA.)

Nymphadora’s Nymphos

This series covers the adventures and exploits of a select set of girls who belong to Nymphadora’s Nymphos. An ancient, historic and secret girls only club that runs out of Hogwarts in the Room of Requirement. Their current group leader, Nymphadora Tonks, meets with as many of the groups members as possible, once a week on a Monday night, for a night of hot, messy, group sex.